I’m Catherine, a scenic designer, collaborator, and storyteller.
I believe that the space where a story is told can be a character in its own right. It can support, drive, and succumb to the action. I look for honesty and joy in each project and creatively navigate the line between the needs of the piece and the needs of reality.
Having worked in all aspects of the design process—from messy brainstorming to detailed drafting and models, and still further to propping and painting many of my designs—I understand the interconnectedness of each department and stage of production.
I’ve worked in theatres, large and small, on both coasts. I’ve had the honor of working with fabulously creative directors from diverse points of view. And I’ve been recognized for my designs in press and awards. Yet still, the most meaningful recognition is an engaged audience reacting to the story on stage.
What’s your story?
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