Carpet page from Lindisfarne Gospels inspired the floor
Floor process
Floor inspired by Lindisfarne Gospels
Early white model
White model
Ruins of the old Kreuzkirche, Dresden, by Bernardo Bellotto, 1765
Ray Metzker Inspiration: Repetitious and machine-like
Ruins of War
Columns and rotating wall set up in shop
Throne and column tops carved out of foam (carved and painted by myself)
Setting up for the preview in the park Twelve decks make up the stage floor
Raised platform with columns and rotating wall
Henry IV banners
Banners were eventually pinned down due to wind
Stairway into Boar's Head
Rebels and Eastcheap folk utilize the scaffolding
Rehearsal in the park
In the tavern
Hotspur and Falstaff during battle
After touring through prison facilities, the set was fit into the Penthouse Theatre
Rotating wall no longer used
Projection screen for flashback scenes
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